Sylvia Townsend Warner's sleeping beauty for poetry friday; Ursula Le Guin's new non-fiction book for 48 hour challenge

I chose to go with non-fiction for the busy morning getting out the door and read in the car part of the day (pancakes can be made while reading. I only got a little batter on the counter, the stove, and the floor).

So I have now read:

Ursula K. Le Guin Cheek by Jowl: talks & essays & why fantasy matters (sic) (2009, Aqueduct Press).

And it has even given me a poem, by Sylvia Townsend Warner (Collected Poems, p 249)

The Sleeping Beauty woke:
The spit began to turn,
The woodmen cleared the brake,
The gardener mowed the lawn.

Woe’s me! And must one kiss
Revoke the silent house, the birdsong wilderness?

Oh my gosh does this ever speak to me. I am outside by around 5am once the weather gets warm, and every day I feel a little sad when it is time for the others to get up (much as I love them).

Anyway, everyone who likes fantasy and children’s books should go get Cheek by Jowl because there is absolutely a ton of wonderful, thought provoking stuff in it that is completely relevant to our reading lives.

And also it is good reading, and Le Guin is funny.

“But then, should a chipmunk have to act out a tragedy?” p 71

Am now at work, and must engage with matters pertaining to the archaeology and history of Rhode Island.

Incidently, I noticed that my home computer records the time an hour behind EST, in case anyone was confused. I think this one will be the correct time...


  1. As an early, early morning lover of solitude, I'm so in tune with this. And as a fan of LeGuin, I must find that book!

  2. Way to go Charlotte!! I hope you're enjoying your reading so far. I loved LeGuin's Catwings series when I was a kid.

  3. Fantastic! A 48HBC book AND a Poetry Friday entry. Twofer!

  4. Ooh, wish very much to read that LeGuin.


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