Pride and Prometheus--Mary Bennet meets Dr. Frankenstein

Forget Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In "Pride and Prometheus", by John Kessel (a nominee for this year's best novelette Hugo Award) Elizabeth's younger sister, the bookish and socially inept Mary, meets Dr. Victor Frankenstein...

"HAD BOTH HER MOTHER AND her sister Kitty not insisted upon it, Miss Mary Bennet, whose interest in Nature did not extend to the Nature of Society, would not have attended the ball in Grosvenor Square."

You can read the rest here at Fantasy and Science Fiction. You can also download (for free!)John Kessel's The Baum Plan For Financial Independence and Other Stories (including "Pride and Prometheus") at Small Beer Press.

(thanks to Biology in Science Fiction for the heads up!)

So, Frankenstein, Zombies, Vampires have now been done. A while ago I suggested Pride and Prejudice and Unicorns, in which Lydia gets gored. Or Mr. Darcy could be a Faïryieee (original spelling to add "freshness" to the plot) King. Or Wickham a werewolf...

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for mentioning this. I *had* to go read this immediately. :) I thought it was very well done!


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