Interview with Megan Whalen Turner at HipWriterMama, and more Winter Blog Blast Tour goodness

If you are at all a fan of Megan Whalen Turner, you must not miss today's interview with her at HipWriterMama! (there was something in it that made me squee like the fan girl I am). This interview is part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour, organized by Colleen over at Chasing Ray, where you can find the whole schedule.

Here are today's other offerings of particular interest to us fans of speculative fiction/sff:

Derek Landry at Finding Wonderland
Frances Hardinge at Fuse Number 8
Mary E. Pearson at Miss Erin


  1. Ooh, I hadn't heard about this! Thanks for posting the link.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing this link! And now I'm off to reread 'The King of Attolia' for the fourteenth time.

  3. Thanks--the MWT interview is just so great it's heartwarming and all kinds of other kitschy adjectives!!! Love-love-love her books, especially The King of Attolia. And hey, she's obviously a terrific person, too.


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