A phone box becomes a library

Just because, here's a rather nice story from the Guardian. The folk of Westbury-sub-Mendip faced a double loss. First, their local library closed. Second, their iconic red telephone box was threatened. The solution was beautifully simple--make the phone box into a free, honor-system, library!

Isn't it typical, though, that the children's books end up in a box on the floor....


  1. In Pitlochry there is a lending library/used bookstore in a closet at the train station. They managed to put in a window so you can see books crammed hither and yon, but it's truly the most entertaining thing.

    This is even SMALLER! But a great use of phone boxes, which tend to be rusting away in large fields now...

  2. If they put the kids books up on those shelves, would kids be able to reach them? And it looks like it'd be hard to make a shelf to fit in the lower half. I'd forgive the boxes--at least they're not stacked on a muddy floor!

  3. anyone know the telephone number of the pitlochry station bookshop?



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