Bloggiesta time!

I am bloggiesta-ing this weekend--joining in the fun organized by Natasha at Maw Books! Bloggiesta is a time to focus on making our Blogs the Best that they can Be.

I'm going to spend time this weekend writing reviews, sending links of reviews already written to publishers (I am so so bad at this), organizing books waiting to be read and reviewed, finishing non-review posts that have been lurking for months, and updating my side-bar links.

I have already done one useful thing: I gathered all the books I've gotten from publishers but haven't read yet (not including books from the Cybils) from the various flat surfaces around the house and put them all in neat piles on the dining room table. This works against my New Year's Resolution to promote Gracious Dinning, but you can't have everything.

And I've also signed up for Pam and Lee's Comment Challenge 2010--for the next 21 days, I'll be leaving five comments a day around and about...

I'll be using this post to keep track of my progress. To date:

Friday (2 hours):
1 review finished and posted. Have "temporarily misplaced" publisher's contact information, so cannot let them know. sigh.

Side bar of recent reviews updated. Am not sure just how interesting this list is to anyone, but I like to imagine that it gives the books I review a little bit more time in the sun...

Saturday (3 hours to date):
Completed the mini-challenge at Bookworming in the 21st Century--I joined their new forum, the Bloggie Cult, and left a tip that I hope is useful.

I completed the Dead Links mini-challenge at Karin's Book Nook.

I wrote two reviews (but what I really want to do is write reviews to have on hand for the future--I'll want to do that tomorrow!)

I left several comments while scrambling around looking for links for my post tomorrow rounding up links to middle-grade science fiction and fantasy reviews and news (a regular Sunday feature here).

Sunday (only 2 hours :( )
I started fiddling with my links, consolidating two closely related categories (as part of Beth Fish's mini challenge)

I wrote a post for this coming Timeslip Tuesday.

And I left comments, as per the ongoing Comment Challenge.

Not as much done as I had hoped, but it was fun taking part!


  1. Ohhhh I like the commenting challenge. I really try to float around blogs and leave comments when I can!

    I too reorganized my review pile because I noticed books that are on the bottom seem to never get read :( and then they just keep moving further and further to the bottom!

  2. Bloggiesta-ing? LOL... I like that. On Sunday then have we Bloggiestad?


    Have fun fun fun!

  3. yes, Cindy, I know what you mean! And after the Cybils, I went a bit crazy with inter library loan--all those books we didn't have time for this fall--and so there were some sad little puppies that had been on the windowsill for months (not in direct light, in case any biblophiles are worried)

    And I like Bloggiestad very much, Shiela!

  4. Ah Cybils. I'm so excited for the results! Good luck finding that kitchen table.

  5. I like seeing recent reviews personally. I sometimes read more of someone's blog, especially if it's my first visit, if I see titles of interest there.

  6. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with lonely TBR piles following the Cybils! Perhaps that will be my goal NEXT week... at least I took down the Christmas tree, right? =) Happy Bloggiesta!

  7. Have fun bloggiesta-ing (okay, that's not even a word, but who cares). I should make up my mind whether or not I'm going to do this; if I waffle too long, it'll pass me by...

  8. I went crazy with inter library loans too, must be a symptom of the Cybil reading :)


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