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I am keenly interested in the questions typed into google that bring readers to my blog. If I have answers, I'm happy to share my knowledge, and so "Ask Charlotte" was born.

Today's burning question: "Is Charlotte the smartest girl in the world?"

Answer: Sadly, no. Charlotte, although plenty smart, is only ranked fourth at Number Mix, one of the games Harper Collins is using to promote its new books. If Charlotte were really smart, she might well have been doing other things with her time anyway......

Today's queries also include one from a reader wondering when the new American Girl book by Laurence Yep (!!!) was coming out. I cannot answer this.


  1. This is funny. I'm interested in that as well. I think the term that brings most readers to my blog is "poems with figures of speech." Running a close second is "quakebuttock."

  2. Lawrence Yep and American Girl. A match made in... um...yeah.

    Also, let's not discuss how deeply unimpressed I am with MY high score on the number game. We'll just draw a veil over that entirely.

  3. Well... Laurence Yep has written 2 books for AG-- the "Mia" books from their line of books about modern girls with the really creepy too-life like digital art on the covers. Mia's a figure skater.

  4. OMG what an awesome game! it has totally taken all the free time I had today. let me go back and play some more.

    and number 4? that is great. I am at 13 and no where near your score.

  5. Huh, Jennie--I had no idea! It just seems like such a strange combination.

  6. If I remember correctly, Laurence Yep also wrote a book for American Girls' short-lived "Girls of Many Lands" series called "Spring Pearl". I think it was about a girl living in China during the Opium Wars. That was way back in 2002. It was my favorite, and I wanted the doll a whole lot.

    I'm still excited to see whatever he churns out for AG next, though. Thanks for the news!

  7. When asked a question I don't know, I will occasionally reply "The results are inconclusive". It sounds better than "I don't know". It's not for every question on every day, but good for a pick up when you need one!


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