For Valentine's Day, a very funny love story starring Emma Thompson and Stephan Fry

Here is one of the more romantic literary love stories of the 19th-century, that of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, reinterpreted by Emma Thompson and Stephan Fry. My own dear husband shared this with me when I was poorly last week, and it added considerably to our own banter....


  1. I'm working on a senior thesis about EBB right now, so that was very timely. :)

    Also, WOW Emma Thompson is young!

  2. ...er, I think it best we none of us ask what else your banter entailed...!

    Love Stephen Fry. Apparently he and Hugh Laurie will be back working together again - the world should beware!

  3. I am actually very Pure Minded, Tanita, so the ending was of no interest to me!

  4. That was hysterical. Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!

  5. I had no idea Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson were in a movie together. Must find the whole thing...

    And Tanita, really? REALLY? I am so there.


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