Zombies vs Unicorns, the trailer for A Conspiracy of Kings, fun with Harper Collins, and a blog award

I have four cool things to share.

Cool thing 1: The cover of short story anthology Zombies vs Unicorns has been unveiled, and the Unicorns are clearly kicking lots of undead butt. Go Unicorns! This is the picture that is actually on the book; the actual cover hides part of it, but is also cool. Visit Unicorn Team Captain Holly Black's website for more info. (picture gets bigger when clicked)

Cool Thing Number 2: I just reminded at my last visit to Liz's place (Tea Cozy) that Greenwillow has unveiled the trailer for Megan Whalen Turner's new book, A Conspiracy of Kings!

They also have made a very cool trailer for The Thief, which I think I like even better.

(cool thing 2.5: this is the first time I've ever posted a trailer; we just got a new computer, which means that not only can I put trailers up but I can watch them, which I wasn't able to before).

Cool Thing 3: Harper Collins has set up a game arcade to publicise their new releases where, amoung other things, you can play this really cool game for a chance to win cool prizes!

Cool Thing 4:

Kate at Book Aunt was kind enough to pass along the Prolific Blogger Award--thank you, Kate! Kate herself goes in for quality--her long and lovely posts are a must read (although her shorter posts are good stuff too!). I'm just going to pass it on to one person:

Jennifer, whose blog, the Jean Little Library, I enjoy lots, and who I think of as a kindred reading spirit (a reading kindred spirit?).


  1. Oh! I can't wait to try out the game. Congrats on the Prolific Blogger Award ... Jennifer is a GREAT! choice!

  2. Possibly Weirdest Enthusiasm Ever, the whole Zombies v. Unicorn thing. It's so fun, though. I love that YA authors have the power to create because of something funny they argued about. And hey: more short story anthologies for young adults. Long may they reign, on any old weird topic.

    I am SO BAD at video games, but what fun! And I just, just, JUST saw the M. Whalen trailer!!!!!

  3. Oh, so excited about watching that Conspiracy of Kings trailer when I get home from work. I'm even more excited that it comes out in about a month!

  4. Very cool. And I agree: I like the Thief trailer better. But I wonder if that's because I haven't read the new one. Yet.

  5. Charlotte, thanks for this. I so desperately want to read 'A Conspiracy of Kings'. I have loved all of them since The Thief, and simply cannot wait.


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