My book spine poem

At 100 Scope Notes this Poetry Friday, there is a gallery of Book Spine Poems. I forgot to do this at home, so had to use what was at my office (but there are two YA books). I've typed my poem out with meaningless (?) line Breaks and stuff, to make it more Profound, and I'm sure Blogger will add more Special formating.

Rational lives, romantic motives.
Entangled objects

race and the education of desire.
The meeting of two worlds--the invasion within.

The limits of
interpretation beyond geography,
Cities in the wilderness, changes in the land.

Fire will fall.

(or perhaps, Dragon, fly!)


  1. Oh, this is fun!
    I'd go with Dragon, fly, since the fire is falling, the dragon is obviously in motion.

    I have so many books in this one room that I'm a little afraid of what a poem would be... on the shelf next to me are three historical renditions of Genghis Khan, a book of Grimm's tales called Swords & Sorcery and A Coalition of Lions. There's a story in there already!

  2. That is a wonderful idea and I will definitely be having a go!

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful book spine poem!


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