Armchair BEA--a giveaway of three books!

One of the most delirium inducing parts of going to BEA would have to be the ARCs up for grabs--the thought is dizzying.

So in the spirit of Armchair BEA, I'm offering three ARCs of middle grade/YA books coming out in July and August from Bloomsbury. (Bloomsbury is kind enough to send me books en masse, which I appreciate, but these three aren't a good fit for my blog, so I'd like to send them off to people more likely to enjoy and review them!). I'll pick three winners, so let me know which one you want in the comments, and I'll enter you for that one! This is a special Armchair BEA giveaway, imitating the quick, um, snatching of books I imagine one would find at the real thing, so I'll close this at midnight (EST) tonight! (It's open to anyone, regardless of Armchair BEA participation)

They are:

What Momma Left Me, by Renee Watson (July 2010, Mg) --a young girl starting life over at her grandparents' house after her mother dies.

Good Behaviour, a Memoir, by Nathan L. Henry (July 2010, YA)-- "a year in jail and the life that led there."

No and Me, by Delphine De Vigan (August 2010, YA) --"How far would you go to turn a homeless person's life around?"

The random number generator has spoken--Darlyn is getting No and Me, Miss Attitude is getting What Momma Left Me, and Bianca is getting Good Behaviour. Thanks to all who entered!


  1. Any of the three would be fabulous! :-)

    carina (at) readingthroughlife (dot) ca

  2. i love to win No Me!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlyn225 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Any of the three would be good! If I can only enter for one, though, make it No and Me.

  4. What Momma Left Me by Watson

    Thanks for the chance

  5. How fun! I'd pick No and Me or Good Behavior.


  6. I'd love to win any of them! I'm always reviewing MG & YA titles on my site (as well as children's books) and constantly looking for more to review, especially MG. Thanks for the opportunity!

    the1stdaughter at gmail dot com

  7. What Momma Left Me please and thanks.


  8. Any one of them would be great! Thank you!!

    infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

  9. I would enjoy reading any one of these great books. Since I am ten, I tend to review middle school books. Hoping I win!

  10. Great giveaway! Thanks for doing this.

    No and Me.


    Thanks again!

  11. What Momma Left Me!! Her father kills her mother and there's a POC on the cover?? The plot is so original, I'm dying to read it. Thank you so much for this giveaway :)

    willbprez at aol dot com

  12. I'm happy with all three but if I have to pick, I'd pick Good Behaviour. Very cool books!

    callista83 AT cogeco DOT ca

  13. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!! I was late in entering, but wanted to express my gratitude nonetheless!! :)


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