Today's Round-up of Middle Grade Science Fiction and Fantasy from around the blogs

Welcome to my 25th (!!!) round up of the week's worth of posts about middle grade fantasy and science fiction (well, all right, no science fiction, as usual, but if there were it would be here) found around the blogging world. It makes me sad when I see posts later on that I missed, so please, if you know of any I don't have, let me know, in the comments or via email (charlotteslibrary at gmail dot com).


Athena, Grey Eyed Goddess, by George O'Conner, at Becky's Book Reviews.
Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies, by Andrea Beaty, at Books4yourkids
Carbonel, the King of Cats, by Barbara Sleigh, at Tor.
Catweazle, by Richard Carpenter, at Charlotte's Library.
Drizzle, by Kathleen Van Cleeve, at Charlotte's Library.
Grow Up, the fourth Daniel Boom book, by David Steinberg, at Lori Calabrese
The Keeper's Tattoo, by Gill Arbuthnott, at Today's Adventure.
Kid vs Squid, by Greg Van Eekhout, at Charlotte's Library.
The Lost Children, by Carolyn Cohagan, at 512 Kids.
The Pyramid of Souls (Magickeeper, Book 2), by Erica Kirov, at Joe Barone's Blog.
Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, by R.L. LaFevers, at Greg Leitch Smith's blog
Tortilla Sun, by Jennifer Cervantes, at Reading in Color.
Zeus, King of the Gods, by George O'Conner, at Becky's Book Reviews.


The Story Slueths are looking closely at Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, by Grace Lin, this month, and here's a reaction to their first post at Fairrosa Cyber Library.

Colleen's May column at Bookslut, "Nothing is Just a Story," is all about sci fi/fantasy--lots of good books discussed!

A look at Middle Grade trends in Speculative Fiction over at The Spectacle. And speaking of trends, here's author/agent Mandy Hubbard's take: "The middle grade market is pretty wide-open... Just make sure, again, not to be too derivative-- no orphan wizards, people."

And speaking of orphans, I have a post on Good Mothers in mg sci fi/fantasy here.

A discussion of how bad the bad guys should be, at kt literary, with lots of discussion in the comments.

An interview with Rick Riordan at Shelf Awareness, an interview with Rhonda Hayter (author of The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams) at Literary Asylum, and a great interview with R.L. LaFevers at Hello Ello 2.

There's lots of fantastical beast goodness over at The Book Aunt!

And finally, here's a lovely post about ghost stories for children at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles (the blog of Katherine Langrish).


  1. That's good to hear middle grade is wide open since that's what I write. Thanks for the link.

  2. Charlotte do you think Wimpy Kid fan would like Squid vs. Kid?

  3. I look forward to reading your work someday, Natalie! Good luck with it!

    And Doret, I wouldn't immediatly think to give this one to Wimpy Kid fans- it's rather different, of course, in not having the cartoonish element of W.K. and very different in story type as well. That being said, there's no reason why a W.K. fan wouldn't like it... so short answer: I dunno.


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