Bloggiesta, here I come! -- now concluded

This weekend is Bloggiesta time! In case you haven't encountered this event before, its three days of marathon blog-work. Here's what Natasha of Maw Books, the fearless leader of Bloggiesta, defines it: "an opportunity to cross those nagging items off of your to-do list and improve your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing." There are mini-challenges to take part in, lots of great ideas on how to improve one's blog, and blogging experience, and Prizes!

Here's the starting line post....

And here's what I did.

TEN HOURS SPENT (yesterday was pretty much a washout--sickness in the family. sigh.)

Here's what I'd hoped to do, and what I've done

---writing lots of reviews. By the end of the weekend, I want to have cleared out the pile of books waiting for review. I'm going to ALA (yay!) and plan to replenish my pile of books to be reviewed....and would love to have a blank slate before they come home with me. (TWO REVIEWS WRITTEN)

--make sure I've let the publishers know I've reviewed the books I got from them (does anyone else have a problem with this? I do, mainly because every post I write has at least one typo/spelling mistake, and I have this vague idea that if I wait a day or two, I will notice and fix them and then send them off. Sometimes this works; other times, not so well). (STILL TO DO)

--tweak with the look of the blog. (SOME TWEEKING DONE)

--at some list posts (ghosts, dragons, etc.) to the menu bar at the top of the blog ONE LIST DONE

--expand my review policy DONE

--encouraging my son to write a few more reviews for his blog, Pickled Bananas, and working with him to spruce it up. (MAYBE TODAY)

And have fun reading and commenting on other blogs! 25 COMMENTS LEFT

I also took part in some of the mini-challenges.

It was a fun event to be part of, but I wish I'd been able to do more...but home alone with sick kids and sick self does not lend itself to much blogging. Next time...


  1. Oooh great goals, good luck with those! I think my goals are much simpler than yours. Mostly concerned with maintenance. :) Happy Bloggiesta!

  2. Best of luck (and I'm so jealous you get to go to ALA - I'm hoping I'll finally get there in January).

  3. Good luck with your challenge. Weekends are always a busy time for me with my two small children so I just haven't been able to put aside blocks of time to participate in this event. Sounds like fun, though.

  4. Just stopping by to say hello! and Goodluck!
    I love YA and children's speculative fiction as well.

  5. Good luck..I hope that you're able to get a lot accomplished.


  6. Oh I think it is great you are going to help your son. Both my girls have blogs and neither do anything with them. Maybe after all this I may work on it with them! Thanks!
    Good Luck this weekend!!

  7. Looks like you have a great list here. I want to get organizing my author interviews - thats what is next for me. :)


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