My very own YA Fantasy Showdown Battle (Hermione vs Chrestomanci) is up and running!

The YA Fantasy Showdown is underway, and my very own battle (Hermione vs Chrestomanci) is up! It is both tender and witty (or something).

I tickled myself very much by making up a new spell (the second one), just so that Hermione can hit Chrestomanci where it hurts:

"Teeth set, she set her mind to the spells that she knew would hurt him more than any others--”Diffindo!” she cried with every fiber of her being. Her wand shot out a shower of sharp sparks, and the seams of his jacket split. “Lutulentum Vestimentum!” and specks of mud appeared on his snow-white shirt. At least his clothing was vulnerable, even if her spells weren’t reaching the man himself."

The Latin translates (I hope--it's been years since I studied Latin) as "sullied clothing."


  1. I love your showdown battle!

    I haven't voted/commented over there because I am having a very hard time deciding if I agree, though. Those two are two of my favorite characters from the entire showdown...

  2. Very well done! Of COURSE Chrestomanci would win that - no contest!

  3. I suspect people are voting who haven't read Howl. I virtuously recused myself from any contests where I hadn't read both books (except for the Eragon one, okay, I admit it).

  4. Oh you did the battle for Hermione and Chrestomanci! *goes off to read it and vote*

  5. Oh, I read that and really liked it--even before I knew it was yours! Howl all the way, of course.

  6. I didn't know you were writing some of these! How fun! I am loving each of the stories - Thanks!

  7. Pfft, Christopher Chant would absolutely win. Hermione is adorable and everything, and heaven knows I love her, but Christopher Chant has all the magic of nine lives worth of people. So. He would win. You are correct and the voters are wrong. :p


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