My stupid chicken

Some days all one has to offer one's readers is a picture of a really stupid chicken. Here is Aggie, who climbed into an apple tree yesterday, and couldn't get down again:

She required rescuing. Earlier in the evening she had tried to roost in a forsythia bush (she can't remember how to find the coop under the barn) and had gotten stuck in that. We were alerted to this calamity by the violent shaking of the bush and frenzied bawk-ing....which, since she is supposed to be a Sekrit Chicken (zoning issues) is a bad thing....


  1. Bwahahahah! Ok, how did she get up there in the first place?

    This post just brightened my otherwise gloomy day, so thank you!

  2. Heeee!
    Okay, not laughing AT you but WITH you. Ours used to get stuck on top of the roof of the shed, and required a ladder to get them down.

    I'm sorry they're Sooper Sekrit Chickens! Your zoning laws make me cranky.

  3. This is why I don't have chickens. Or pets of any kind actually.

  4. I hope there's no significance for the fact that the 'stoopid' chicken is a Rhode Island Red?

  5. I just really love the juxtaposition of the stupid, sekrit chicken with all these fantasy reviews--she seems surreal, maybe even a little dada. Thanks for sharing!

  6. gee Tanita, it must have been a huge pain having to get a ladder. At least all I had to get was a stepstool!

    And all our other RI Reds have been much smarter, although that isn't hard...

  7. This made me laugh and I needed that, especially since I am in the middle of reading The Snow Goose.
    Poor chicken.

  8. Oh, The Snow Goose makes me cry like a baby....sniff.

  9. Oh, the poor chicken!

    The solution: get her a ladder. We've a friend whose grandparents live in Romania ... and whose chickens roost in the trees, getting up and down via ladders. It keeps them safe at night, but makes getting their eggs more difficult. :)


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