A thing that tickled me immensly

I recently realized (doubtless long after most other people) that one could read Ansible (a magazine of sf news and gossip from across the pond) on line.

Here is November's edition.

Here is my favorite bit, from a section entitled "Thog's Masterclass"

"Long Patient Vigil Dept. 'From the depths of the grotto came the sound of water, a single drop blepping into a pool. A week later, another blep. Then a month passed before three drops fell in as many seconds.' (Troy Denning, Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Abyss, 2009) [AR]"

I am incredibly tickled by the word "blep."

(you can read more examples of fine writing at the Ansible site by following the link above).


  1. The only thing I knew of any ansible was from LeGuin's Left Hand of Darkness. Ironic that I'd never heard of the SFF 'zine.

  2. "Blep" is good, with a fine comic feel. A made-up word with a more sinister feel is "to snick" as in when a closet door, filled with unimaginably horrendous things, snicks open all by itself in the middle of the night. Courtesy of Stephen King, of course...

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