One last quick post about the Newbery Award--its psychic SLJ reviewer!

Looking in my state's library catalogue for Moon Over Manifest (this year's Newbery Winner, just in case you don't know), I came across its School Library Journal Review: "This thoroughly enjoyable, unique page-turner is a definite winner," wrote Renee Steinberg. How right she was!


  1. The giant LA County system never bought Moon over Manifest (they'll be buying it now) so I broke down and bought it on Amazon. I had been looking for it since it was an Indie Best pick for the fall.

  2. I'm looking forward to it lots, which is not always something I say about the Newbery winner!

  3. So did your library have copies? Mine doesn't. Nor do they have copies of Dark Emperor or Heart of a Samurai.

  4. That's pretty funny. I had a copy, but hadn't read it yet since I've read no buzz on it whatsoever. Read it yesterday and today, and I liked it. But. It is a real slow-starter. Like I would have probably given up on if I hadn't known it won the Newbery. So, fair warning.


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