What to do with used padded mailing envelopes

If you get books in the mail on a regular basis, you, like me, might have a build-up of used padded envelopes. I will not throw them away...but what to do with them (I get more books then I send, and they build up fast)

At last, I have an answer--my local public library system wants them very, very badly indeed! They use them to send interlibrary loans of dvds and cds. I happened to be hanging out in the library the other night (as is my wont), watching the librarian making do with scraps of very old packing material....this evening, I brought her a whole armful of the envelopes, and she was thrilled!

So do check your local library! If they aren't needed there, save them up until you have a few box fulls, and offer them on Craig's List or Freecycle. This is what I've been doing until now.

(My next gift to the library is going to be organic apple twigs, to be offered as gifts to those attending the Care and Keeping of Your Rabbit talk).


  1. I'd never even heard of Freecyle! Thanks for this!

  2. I have a mountain of partially used envelopes. My library apparently has enough at the moment. I gave them my email in case they ever start running low.

    Also, your library's going to be having a rabbit-care gathering? Sounds excellent. I imagine the apple twigs will go over very well. Just be sure to rinse them, don't want any parasites getting to the bunnies.

  3. Thanks! I have a huge pile, too, but couldn't get rid of them. I'll see what they say.

  4. Rofl - I always give mine to the ILL lady here, and when I saw your post I thought "Oh good, another idea in case she has too many"...oh, well!

    1. I'll be happy to take them off your hands. Email me at amtay@swbell.net

  5. Great idea. We only use some sending Christmas presents to our friends and relations and the rest just kind of build up.

  6. Ah gee, Turtles and aelia--sorry! But I have gotten rid of lots over the years via Freecycle...

    I hope some libraries (other then the desperate ones of my state) do in fact want them!

  7. Rabbit care program? *perks up* May we hear more about this program? Sounds fun!

  8. Oh, I am going to ask next time I am there!

  9. Drop off recyclable padded envelopes at recycling centers if they are able to recycle, but cannot be collected at the curb.
    reclosable 4mil ziplock bags


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