because I am utterly charmed by this picture, I must share it

If I had a rabbit, this would be the rabbit I would want. I love its intent little eyes, and the tension of its tucked up front paws....You can learn more about the high stakes world of competitive rabbit jumping here. (thanks to Jenny Davidson)


  1. I read the English version of this paper - and loved that story. They have huge eyes...

    Now you need a bunny at your house. Strictly for training purposes.

  2. If I had a bunny, it would just be a slothful bunny who sat beside me while I read! Who knew there was a whole world of competitive rabbit jumping. Learn something new every day.

  3. well, I trained my goldfish to swim through hoops (and I miss him still. I loved that fish. He would splash me prettily when he wanted feeding). So my expectations bunny wise would be high.

    I have tried to train the cat to catch mice. No luck.


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