My tbr deciphering challenge update

For those playing along, my tbr deciphering challenge update is up here. Only a few remain, and I've gone ahead and bought my seven books, as promised. This challenge, btw, is in aid of a need high school in Washington D.C., whose library has less than one book per kid.

Here's what I bought:

Escape!: The Story of the Great Houdini
King Dork
The Latte Rebellion (by my blogging friend Sarah Stevenson! Hi Sarah!)
Rikers High
A Girl Named Disaster (someday I'll review it)
American Gods: A Novel (someday I'll read it)
Lincoln's Dreams (a comparatively obscure Connie Willis, that I rather like)

I was just looking at the wish list over at Powells, and even if money is tight, there are books that are less than three dollars. Like an anthology of British World War I poetry. And there are lots of books under $10. More information on this book drive can be found here at Guys Lit Wire.

Thanks to those who played my TBR challenge game!

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