The Diversify Your Summer Reading Challenge (from the fine folks at Diversity in YA)

Straight from the Diversity in YA website:

"Now that the Diversity Tour is over, Diversity in YA is moving on to our next big DiYA endeavor: the Diversify Your Summer Reading Challenge!

This summer, we’re challenging readers to read books that feature a diverse world, to read beyond their comfort zones, and to just plain dive into some wonderful stories. Our challenge will have two components: one for libraries, one for readers and book bloggers. At the end of the summer we’ll be giving away some wonderful book prizes donated by publishers."

For more details, head on over here.

I already make an effort to read diverse sff (there's a list up at the top of my blog with links to the seventy books I've posted about to date), but I'm thinking that I might challenge myself to do some reading outside my comfort genre...even going so far (gasp) as to read some books for grown-ups...I'll be musing about this further as I quickly read the 151 (give or take 100) books on my tbr pile in the next few days, and quickly write reviews of the books I've read that should be on the list (Silver Phoenix and Fury of the Phoenix, I'm looking at you in particular).

And I'm think also of roping my older boy (turning 11 this summer) into the challenge as well--he is, after all, the reason I started actively looking for diverse middle grade books (and he's been neglecting his own blog of late). And revisiting that post of two years ago, I see (somewhat to my chagrin) that there are marvellous recommendations in the comments that I never (hangs head) followed through on.


  1. I just read/reviewed Silver Phoenix and it is incredible! I am looking to diversify my reading!

  2. I loved Silver Phoenix. And want to read the sequel. Because I'm writing and reading on schedule for my blog now, I can't do anything else challenging.

    And gasp, you might read an adult novel. I know what you mean. I never have time to.

  3. I am a little behind things again, but thanks for the heads up on the Diversify Your Summer Reading Challange. I look for diverse books all the time that are appropriate for my topic. Many I should look over my bibliography and see what I find for the summer.


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