For fans of Daddy-Long-Legs--her two Patty books are free for Kindle readers

A public service announcement for kindle users:

Just Patty, and When Patty Went to College, two lovely school stories by Jean Webster (author of Daddy-Long-Legs) are currently available in free ebook editions for kindle users. These are both excellent reading, although not as brilliant as D.L.L. Her Jerry books are also available for free, but these are eminently skip-able.


  1. I love Daddy Long Legs! It was one of my favs growing up! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Oh, my word.
    I somehow missed her other books. Didn't know there WERE any, and I have an original copy of her first book!!!

    Now I'm annoyed I don't have a Kindle.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the heads-up!!!

  4. Is it sad that I already have these on my Kindle, even though I thought DLL was, in terms of current mores, a bit creepy? I love vintage lit, so the Nook and Kindle both have lots of good old titles!


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