Waiting on Wednesday--The Double Shadow, by Sally Gardner

Here's a book I'm looking forward to lots--The Double Shadow, by Sally Gardner (out in the UK November 3):

"Arnold Ruben has created a memory machine, a utopia housed in a picture palace, where the happiest memories replay forever, a haven in which he and his precious daughter can shelter from the war-clouds gathering over 1937 Britain. But on the day of her seventeenth birthday Amaryllis leaves Warlock Hall and the world she has known and wakes to find herself in a desolate and disturbing place. Something has gone terribly wrong with her father's plan. Against the tense backdrop of the second World War Sally Gardner explores families and what binds them, fathers and daughters, past histories, passions and cruelty, love and devastation in a novel rich in character and beautifully crafted."

WW II! Families! Memories! "Rich in charcter!" I'm not sure about the passions and cuelty--I'm not really a passions and cruelty kind of girl. But I trust Sally Gardner (author of The Red Necklace and its sequel, The Silver Blade). So I might well be adding this one to my Christmas present list (thanks to the wonder of the Book Depository. To which, incidently, I have a handy link in the sidebar that gives me a small commission when utilized...)

You can watch the trailer for The Double Shadow here at Sally Gardner's website.

And here is the meme home, at Breaking the Spine.


  1. Sounds intriguing. This is a new author for me, but I see she writes kids books so I will definitely be checking her out.

  2. I have been very curious about this one, too. Sounds really good.

  3. never heard of this one before!

    I follow you here, and love the blog! I hope you'll stop by mine and see my WOW pick?! You can also enter my author group's latest giveaway for some signed books, and let me know a book you've tread and loved recently! :)


  4. Interesting for sure. I'm usually not a fan of books based in the past, but this one looks like its worth giving it a try!



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