More to be thankful (????) for

Although I have finished my glazing for the year (196 panes of glass in two years, and more to do when the weather gets warm again), I do not have a sense of peaceful accomplishment.

I am, instead, trying hard to be grateful to the woodpecker who pecked so many holes in part of the house that my husband had to take an entire board off, and, in so doing, found that we have termites (which might explain the woodpecker's interest).

Nothing like destructive pests to make any holiday a merry one.


  1. Ugh! So sorry things aren't going well with the house.

    But I am very thankful for you and your blog! I appreciate your thoughtful, critical reviews, your regular features, and your weekly round-ups. I love reading your reviews of books I haven't read, because they inspire me to try new things, and on books I have read, because I love hearing what you thought of them. So thank you for blogging! I hope next Thanksgiving will be more peaceful!

  2. Well, that's not fun! I hope you get everything sorted out soon!

  3. Oh man...hope it doesn't take too long to fix and no more is discovered.

    Want you to know...this is, without a doubt, one of my favorite blogs. You help me keep up so _thankyou_.

  4. Thanks so much! You all are great readers.

    And Deb, just wanted to say that I am frustrated as all get out at not being able to comment on your blog--my comments disappear into a void...But I'll be mentioning the middle grade readathon on Sunday!

  5. Oh dear.

    I too am very thankful for your blog, and all the ideas for books I give to my son, and all the ideas for books I give to myself. Thank you.

  6. Ohhhhh, crap. Been there, done that, and have the woodpecker. It was a rare one, and the Audubon Society was thrilled that we had photographed it and notified them of one in our area, but still. Termites!

    I am just impressed with how much you do, YOU, hands-on, in your own house. I think that's an accomplishment in which you can take pride. And when this WRETCHED house revamp is over, you'll look back and say, "All me, all mine," termites and all.

    Courage, dear.


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