Two misc. things of a book buying nature

Holiday shopping time is upon us! (although some of us started shopping last summer, and now are somewhat anxiously wondering where exactly we hid what we bought....)

If you'd like to by a present for a needy school library, Guys Lit Wire is sponsoring a book drive for the Ballou High School in Washington, D.C. Thanks to the first round of book driving, the library is now up to four books per student--still not enough! And if you want to add a bonus to your shopping for Ballou, I'd love it if you could do it through my Powell's affiliate link--should I ever accumulate enough in that account to actually buy a book, it would be a book for my own little struggling public library. It's a few extra clicks--you have to click on wish list, then find friend's wish list, and then enter guyslitwire@gmail.com, but I'd appreciate it.

And if you are shopping through Amazon, please do so through the Cybils site! There's an Amazon ad in the sidebar that will take you there, and the proceeds are used to purchase the awards given to Cybils winners. The Cybils shortlists, by the way, are full of wonderful gift ideas! I can personally vouch for the middle grade sci fi/fantasy lists, but I've never been disappointed by a shortlisted book from any of the categories.

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