My New Year, so far

Number of books read in 2011: 1 (Winterling, by Sarah Prineas. Very good)

Number of books that I was really enjoying reading until it got lost somewhere in the house and the only way to find it (since obvious wandering around looking behind radiators didn't work) is to read all the loose books in the house: 1 (Blue Skies and Gunfire, by K.M. Peyton; WW II. The girl had just been evacuated to the countryside and was learning about Rural Life, and then I went and lost it. Snarl).

Home renovation tasks completed: 0

Home renovation tasks worked on in a dilettantish sort of way: 5 (including two bags of trash from the barn. Every New Year's Day we try to throw things from the barn away. It was packed to the gills with horrible mounds of junk, and although we sprang for a dumpster back in Year 1, it only scratched the surface. And none of it was valuable treasure; even the tin trunk of books was disappointing (the only book of any interest was Brenda Starr: Girl Reporter).

New Year's Resolutions:

To comment more on other blogs without suffering great angst over whether I sound sane or not.

To put away one book a day, whether on a shelf or in the sadder sense, ala aged animals (we did find several boxes of bullets (!!!!) in our barn cleaning today. We showed them to the boys (They've watched Mythbusters, so they've heard of them). I didn't see my first bullet until I was 18 and learned how to shoot on an archaeological dig in Alaska (shooting skills required because of bears). But in any event we have no gun, and I do not think I could ever shoot any book I've let into my house).

To keep track of the books that I read (I am looking into goodreads for this) so that for once in my life I will finally know how many books I read a year, and then the next year I can get all competitive with myself and try to read more.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all the rest of you with your own 2012s! Now I have to go find a book to put away...


  1. Oh I HATE when that happens, when I am reading a great book and then I set it down and then have NO clue where it went and find it a few weeks later.

    Also, YAY WINTERLING! How did you like Rook and Fer?

    Happy New Year, Charlotte!

  2. I love your comment resolution!

    And that bit about where you learned to shoot made me laugh. That must be a great story to tell at parties. :)

  3. A barn full of junk sounds so promising! Maybe there is something still to be found.

    And, I want to keep track of the books I read this year, too (not so much for the sake of the number). LMK if you find a good way to do this.

    Finally, Winterling??


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