Revenge of the Horned Bunnies--Dragonbreath, book 6, by Ursula Vernon

Revenge of the Horned Bunnies--Dragonbreath, book 6, by Ursula Vernon

The Dragonbreath books are mind candy for the young reader, and rather fun for the grown-up, as well. Mixing text dominated pages with graphic novel-esque spreads, they are easy, friendly, and fast books to read. The stories about Danny, a young dragon with fire issues, and his pals, are strange and suspenseful (and often very funny), the illustrations are utterly brilliant in their simple humor and charm. And as an added bonus, there is now a central girl character--a lizard named Christina, who is smart and skeptical as all get out.

But when the gang (Danny, Christina, and Wendell) head off to cowboy camp, along with Danny's annoying little cousin, Spenser, not even Christina's skeptical mind can deny that the creature Spenser secretly befriends is a jackalope!!!!! Yes, horned bunnies are real...but this one seems to be the last of its kind. All its friends and family have disappeared....

And it's up to Danny and co. to solve the mystery, and foil the nefarious plot that threatens the survival of the jackalopes!

This book has one of my favorite Dragonbreath pictures ever--Danny grooming his horse. And the jackalope is cute as all get out (even cuter than the picture on the cover). The story has swing, and made me chuckle (poor smart Christina, stuck with a camp counselor determined to apply nail polish!), and a message about protecting endangered species from mankind's greed that I liked lots.

A fine addition to a truly stellar series with just tons and tons of kid appeal, one of the few series for which I will I will go to the bookstore on release day. Give these books to your reluctant elementary schooler, or, like me, to your confidently reading middle schooler, or, also like me, to young Dutch cousins....they won't disappoint.

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  1. I love these books - the artwork is top notch. I lurk on the author's blog and she puts up odd sketches of jackalopes and the like periodically - she has a crazy-wild imagination, it's great. I can imagine the Dutch cousins loving these!

  2. I saw the jackalope and got really excited! I am definitely going to have to get Revenge of the Horned Bunnies out from the library -- mainly for the Jackalopes but also I just love Danny and Wendell.

    1. I also love Stve the dragon from the 4th book Lair Of The Bat Monster.

  3. I love Ursula Vernon is able to keep them coming at such a nice clip, without disappointing! My eleven year old is still enjoying them so very much--it's lovely to be able to bring home a book for him that I know will please him greatly!


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