An illustrated talk by Alan Garner

I have company at home, of the young nephew type, and their happy friskiness, when combined with that of my own boys, is such that my head has not been clear enough to write anything coherent.

Happily for my blogging peace of mind, my husband found for me this illustrated lecture by Alan Garner on the Legend of Alderly--the place where The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and its sequel, The Moon of Gomrath, are set.

I hope I enjoy it when I find a quiet time to actually watch it!

We took the boys to Alderly when they were young...it is a magical place.


  1. Awww. Squeeze Tom & Jerry for me. I miss all your wee guys, they were such... well. The word "frisky" really works! Hope you're having a lovely time.

    And thanks for the podcast. Wow.

  2. Alderly is so on my children's book tour of Britain list. Sadly, my son doesn't like the same books I like, so I guess I'll be going on my own.


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