How my bloggiesta weekend went

In a word: fail. Not total fail, but still ever so clearly on the fail side of the scale, mainly because I lost yesterday to Science Olympiad. My son's Rube Goldberg machine came in third! Yay! (Sometimes I feel that my life is a Rube Goldberg machine; the simplest tasks become hideously complex. I know, on paper, what efficiency looks like, but, like string theory, I can't find tangible evidence of it in reality).

My goals and what became of them:

1. graze through the various mini-challenges. I am going to be on a vacation of sorts (away from house and job and children!) for three days next week, spending time with my mother....I am going to go back and revisit them then.

2. Tidy my links. This was easy, and I did it.

3. Expand my fairy tale retelling page to include retellings of myths; possibly create one or two new pages (ghosts and fantastical schools come to mind). Actually, I did that one too! I have a new page on sci fi/fantasy school stories, and all though it is still raw, it does exist.

4. Write four reviews to have on hand. Yeah, right. This one bombed.

5. Find the unfinished book that I lost somewhere in the house. Sigh. I shall have to go sit in a bookstore and read it there.

6. Add a few more reviews to Amazon and goodreads. Nope!

7. Make sure that I've emailed the publishers who have sent me books that I've reviewed. There was actually only one (I think) I needed to do this for, and I even kept the little card that came with the book, which had a nice handwritten note but--- no email address!!!!! So, fail.

8. Create a domestic atmosphere more conducive for reading and blogging by thoroughly cleaning the house (see Goal 5) and getting the garden completely ready for spring. Build stone retaining wall and put up stockade fence to keep loud neighbors from bothering me while I try to read and blog.

Well, the house is a lot cleaner (I even scrubbed behind the bathroom fixtures), and I filled five buckets of weeds, but there is still plenty, so much plenty, to be done. I did not move any stones for my wall. So I give myself a half point for this.

Total: 2.5 out of 8.

But on the plus side, it was really nice to see that my make-a-page challenge was useful!

Here's the Bloggiesta finish line post over at It's All About Books. Thank you very much, Bloggiesta organizers!


  1. I think you should give yourself more credit - it sounds like you DID do some of the things on your list (the important ones!). I meant to make pages for my blog... but that's one of those things I'm going to leave for another time.

  2. LOL don't worry, you're not the only one who wasn't able to accomplish everything on your list this weekend. I still need to write a wrap-up post! Congrats on finishing some of the tasks that you set out to do. :)

  3. Yes - scrubbing behind the bathroom fixtures totally gives you a full point alone just for that. Also, spending time with your mother gives you a certain amount of points just on principle.

  4. Whoa. In ONE weekend you expected to do this all. I am exhausted just thinking about it. Getting through the ten loads of laundry and filling my entire car up with groceries was enough for me. I hope you have a restful few days-- just attempting all of that earns you huge points!


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