This week's round-up of middle grade fantasy and sci fi from around the blogs

Welcome to this week's round-up of the blog posts etc. I found in my reading that pertain to middle grade sci fi and fantasy. Please let me know if I missed yours!

The Reviews:

11,000 Years Lost, by Penni R. Griffin, at Charlotte's Library

The Aviary, by Kathleen O’Dell, at The Lupine Librarian

Bigger Than a Breadbox, by Laurel Snyder, at Finding Wonderland

Blitzed, by Robert Swindells, at The Children's War

The Book of Wonders, by Jasmine Richards, at Sprout's Bookshelf

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! by William Joyce. at Back to Books

Erak's Ransom, by John Flanagan, at Karissa's Reading Review

Eye of the Storm, by Kate Messner, at Page in Training

The Eyeball Collector, by F.E. Higgins, at Library Chicken

The False Prince, by Jennifer Nielsen, at Random Musings of a Bibliophile and Waking Brain Cells

The Familiars, by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, at GreenBeanTeenQueen

Fangbone! Third-Grade Barbarian, by Michael Rex, at Jean Little Library

Ghost Knight, by Cornelia Funke, at Ms. Yingling Reads

Giants Beware! by Jorge Aguirre, at The HappyNappyBookseller

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, by Chistopher Healy, at Karrisa's Reading Review and Ms. Martin Teaches Media

The Last Olympian, by Rick Riordan, at A Librarian's Library

Liesle & Po, by Lauren Oliver, at My Precious

Magic Below Stairs, by Caroline Stervermer, at Random Musings of a Bibliophile

A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness, at There's a Book

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny--Detectives Extraordinaire! by Polly Hovarth, at That Blog Belongs to Emily Brown

Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale (audio book review), at Bunbury in the Stacks

Remarkable, by Lizzie K. Foley, at Presenting Lenore

Renegade Magic, by Stephanie Burgis, at Charlotte's Library

Scary School, by Derek the Ghost, at Muggle-Born.net

The Storm Makers, by Jennifer E. Smith, at Charlotte's Library

The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex, at The Accidental Novelist (Writes Again)

Wildwood, by Colin Meloy, at Supratentorial

Authors and Interviews

Sue Cowing (You May Call Me Drog) at The O.W.L.

Sarvenaz Tash (The Mapmaker and the Ghost) at The O.W.L.

E.J. Patten (Return to Exile) at Project Mayhem

Christopher Healy (The Hero's Guide to Saving the Kingdom) at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing

John Dickinson (the forthcoming Muddle and Win) at Scribble City Central

Todd Harris (illustrator of The Hero's Guide to Saving the Kingdom) at A Backwards Story

Philip Womack (The Other Book) at The Periscope Post

MG sff Giveaways
(Please let me know of others!!)

The Magic Warble, by Victoria Simcox, at The Book Bag

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, at The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia

Other Good Stuff

Icefall by Matthew Kirby (my review) has won the Edgar Award for best juvenile mystery!

Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book to become a Disney Movie...

The deadline for vote casting in the Children's Choice Book Awards is May third; mg sff is represented (although not exactly the books and authors I would have picked!

And finally, in the sub department of good stuff I never did, check out these photographs Jason Lee created of his kids (found at io9). Here's my favorite:


  1. Lots of great links. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Again, a great list of middle grade reviews. I love that you do this!

  3. Thanks for the mention and this list- now I have many new blogs to check out :)

  4. thank you all for stopping by!

  5. Great roundup as always! I just posted a giveaway for The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom - here.


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