RIP Margaret Mahy

Another sad loss--Margaret Mahy is gone. I've only ever reviewed one of her books (Madigan's Fantasia), but I've read and enjoyed many others.

Gee. I hope this is the end of sad news for a long time.


  1. No! I love her writing! Dark and twisty YAs, goofy younger MGs... Aw. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Why does this type of news always hurt so much when I don't even really know the people? I'm still not okay with Paula Danziger's death, and that was ten years ago, when I first started at my library. Thanks for updating us.

  3. Oh no! She was one of my absolute favorite authors. Terrible news. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. I'm with Mrs. Yingling; I'd seen/followed around/actually smiled at Paula Danziger at a conference, and am still upset.

    This has just been a SUCKY YEAR for losing children's authors. REALLY. SUCKY.

    And I feel like I need to actually READ Mahy's books for older kids now... I was planning on inviting you to do a DWJ re-read come September...

  5. It is sucky, even though there are lots of her books I haven't read...I can't remember any other year in which so many writers and illustrators that were part of my mental book map of the world/my life have died. And some of my most loved aren't getting any younger, so I worry that things will get worse...

    (I have never read anything by Paula Danziger. Should I?)

  6. If you EVER feel nostalgic for middle school or high school, pick up The Cat Ate My Gym Suit and you won't be anymore. It's been years since I have reread any of her things; maybe I'll do that so I can recommend something good to you. I certainly don't feel like reading anything else!

  7. I love Margaret Mahy's books (the ones I've read so far) and I've been sad about this news. Sigh.


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