Why I didn't have a time slip Tuesday review

July is my busiest time of year, what with house renovations (dining room from hell), gardening, children (as usual), and, in as much as summer is the time for digging, archaeology (which is what I do for a living, although I don't dig much myself these days).

Because it is rather interesting, here's the press release describing what I was doing today instead of blogging (I figure that at this point anyone who wants to find me in real life can....)


  1. Were you at the presentation tonight?
    (the press release link was not connecting)

  2. I read that as the second bottle of Nipsachuck and thought you were drunk on some strange liquer. (Time to get new contacts.)

  3. Happy summer! Time for household chores and spending time with your family. I hope you can find time to write your next blog. I am looking forward to your posts.

  4. I am convinced you never sleep! But you do lead a varied and interesting life :-D.

    1. The field work related to identifying the second battle/bottle of Nipsachuck is an Archaeologists dream! Both the battle and the bottle will make your head spin :-)



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