The books my 12 year old got for his birthday

When my boys have their birthdays, I like to make a small record of the books they got...my oldest is now 12, and though not a Reader in the text addicted sense, and sooooo frustratingly reluctant to read what I offer him, appreciates a good book. Or a less good book.

Such as The Darwin Awards volumes 3 and 4. Not National Book Award caliber, but he finds them entertaining as all get out. And he (I hope) is learning valuable lessons from them, like never steering your motorcycle with your feet.

He also got two graphic novels-- 400 BC: The Story of the Ten Thousand, by Lewis Helfand and Lalit Kumar Singh, and Marathon, by Boaz Yakin & Joe Infurnari-- both Greeks and Persian war stories, of which he is fond.

But is he reading these? No. He is playing Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. Thank you, Hank Green (why do my children enjoy watching Hank and Co. narrate their way through pointless video games?)

Relatedly, he also got a new tee shirt--"Keep Calm and DFTBA," which, since he is interested in both WW II civilian propaganda and the Green brothers, was very well received. ("Keep calm and carry on" being what the British People were told to do, and Don't forget to be awesome being what the Green Brothers would have told the British to do).

And finally, in the interests of Full Disclosure as a Blogger, I also wrapped up a review copy of Illusionology, courtesy of Candlewick. He was very pleased with it! (I did tell him it came from the publisher. I couldn't live a lie. Or at least, not that particular lie).

By way of appreciative plug--this series of books makes truly excellent gifts. They are the sort of lovely book qua book that embodies "giftiness," and are very interesting reading/looking/exploring to boot! Full review of this one to come.


  1. I've always wanted to give one of the -ology books as a gift, but never have.

  2. Aww, the DFTBA shirt is the cutest.
    I am still somewhat amused that I am just getting into the whole Green Bros thing at the same time they are!! I'm having arrested development... ☺


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