Kidlitcon 2012!

Kidlitcon, now in its sixth year, is a wonderful conference. The two times I've been able to go have both left me Happy--happy to have made new friends and seen old ones, happy to be encouraged and rejuvenated viz blogging, and happy to be part of a whole wonderful book world. I'm pretty certain I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Do not necessarily be put off by the "kid" part (you can be put off if you only read grown-up books, of course, but then why would you be reading my blog?). There are a lot of YA book bloggers who are part of the kidlitosphere.

This year it's happening September 28th and 29th in New York. Here's the schedule and cost:

For those who register before September 21st:
  • $35 Pre-Conference without dinner
  • $0 Saturday Conference
  • $55 Pre-Conference with dinner (special guest speaker: Grace Lin)
  • $50 Friday dinner (extra diner or only)

My own cunning plan is to bring my first edition of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for Grace Lin to sign; it's increased value will then go a long way to covering my costs when my grandchildren sell it in fifty years!

But anyway, please do come--it is truly fun. And since it's run by book bloggers for book bloggers, Saturday will be a day of the best kind of children and YA book blogging discussions.

The call for session proposals is currently open as well.


  1. Sounds awesome. Wish I lived close enough to go.

  2. This sounds amazing. If only I didn't live all the way across the country. I really like your plan to cover your cost! :D


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