The Demon Catchers of Milan, by Kat Beyer

I enjoyed The Demon Catchers of Milan, by Kat Beyer (Egmont, August 2012, YA) lots.  I don't remember why I decided to request it from the library, and when I saw the cover, and began reading, I was afraid I was in familiar paranormal romance territory--beautiful girl threatened by demonic possession thinks she isn't pretty and admires the prettiness of the boy she's just met.

But I kept going, and was rewarded by a really entertaining story--Mia, now in Milan, is being protected from the demon who had possessed her by her demon-hunting Italian family (demon hunters of Milan since Milan got going).   And the story is mostly:

--lots of Italian food
--a generous cast of Italian family members, with Histories
--some interesting family interactions with demons, etc.
--a bit of conflict between church and demon hunters

with considerable elements of Mia (who seems like she might be kind of special, but who, at this point, isn't all Special in the reader's face) trying to figure out how to:

a. speak Italian
b. go outside without the demon pouncing on her
c. find out more about demon hunting (her family isn't telling her much, because, you know, the demon might succeed in possessing her again and then learn all their secrets).

and a small element of Mia thinking about boys, but not getting entangled in any real romance (she isn't the sultry vixen shown on the cover)

Bonus reference to ancient history (Greeks vs. Persians) which will probably be important in the next book.

So there isn't all that much Action, Adventure, or Excitement (apart from a few possessions of Mia and a few other people), and it's not a Romance, but there is a most enjoyable sense of place and people and family history with enough of the supernatural to keep things very interesting indeed.

And the food is great.  Lots of wine is drunk too.  I want to go stay with Mia's grandparents and eat and drink.

Short answer:  I truly liked it, read in a single sitting (it's only 288 pages, which I appreciated), and am looking forward to the sequel (and though this stops at a good stopping point, many many many things are unresolved, because, you know, five months isn't really enough time to learn how to vanquish a real bad-ass demon once and for all).


  1. I've heard very, very mixed things about this book, so it's nice to see a review from someone I trust.

    1. I went it to it not remembering anything I'd read about it, so didn't have to overcome expectations! I can see why people who like plot first and foremost, and romance, and really cliff edge happenings, might be under-whelmed, but I enjoyed the descriptions and family side of things lots!

  2. You know, the cover of this one really put me off, but it's good to know that it's actually pretty good.


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