Fun with books in the home, a homage to The Happy Hockey Family

My younger son, quite reasonably, asked that I remove my books from his room.  Strangly, I had no empty bookshelves ready and waiting.  This is the what happened, told as a pale imitation of the brilliance that is  The Happy Hockey Family, by Lane Smith. For those who have read it--isn't it a wonderful book?  For those who haven't--you should get a hold of it right away.

Shelf Story

The pantry cupboard has just been tidied.  See the empty shelves!  Nice shelves.  Clean shelves.  Empty shelves.

What likes to go on shelves?  Books!  Books like to go on shelves.

Now those shelves will stay tidy forever.

Drawer Story

I have a drawer full of books!  Do you have a drawer full of books?  My drawer is full of books!


I have the chance to teach my boys how to fix drawers! Can you teach your boys how to fix drawers?  I can teach mine!

(In case anyone looked closely at the books, and wondered why I have them in the first place--they are stock for when I have my new and used children's book store).


  1. Oh you're planning to open a bookstore. That is so neat. I wish you all the best.


  2. If only shelves stayed tidy forever.

  3. I think the bookstore idea is your only hope, chica...

  4. It's nice to feel that I have my retirement plan in place, and collecting stock for as little money as possible adds interest to life! Unfortunatly, for my own bookstore purposes, I live within walking distance of a B & N, so we might have to move to some place within an hour's drive of Boston where Victorian houses zoned commercial with generous back gardens, and located on bustling but peaceful main streets, are selling cheap and there is a large year-round population of people desperate for children's books Anyone who knows of such a place--let me know in about ten years. Thanks.


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