48 Hour Reading Challenge finished!

I am finished with my reading for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge!   Thanks every one who stopped by with encouragement, and thanks to Ms. Yingling for hosting it!

Total of pages read/listened to:  3086  

Total time read:  23 hours and 32 minutes
(there were Demands on my time.  Some polite requests too).

Plus three hours (ish) of social media

Books finished: 11.  Books being actively read: 1
 (clearly I need to do this every weekend.  This is not even a drop in the bucket.  I listened to a long audiobook for much of my time, which was fun, and allowed me to work outside, but it cut down on my book count lots)

Here's what I read, broken down  by category (mainly for my own interest)
 (I started with 5 each in 6 categories).  I am pretty happy with all the books I read; In the Shadow of Blackbirds was particularly good, as was Hat Full of Sky.


The Summer Prince


Crocuses Were Over, Hitler Was Dead, by Geraldine Symons


In the Shadow of Blackbirds
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Race Against Time
Interesting Times and Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett

Picked up on the cheap/free (mostly through library booksales)

The Children's Blizzard
Mooncoin Castle
Counting Stars, by David Almond

Paperback Book Swap

Canary in the Coal Mine, by Madelyn Rosenberg

Daughter of the Forest

Books for Review:

194 pages of The Apprentices, by Maile Meloy


  1. Huzzah! Nice work. Wow, I'm impressed with the amount you read even with demands.

  2. "clearly I need to do this every weekend. This is not even a drop in the bucket."

    Ha, I feel the same way! I'm so proud of how much I read and then I look at the rest of my TBR pile and think whoaaa.....

    Thanks for joining us!!!

  3. Man, why are we NOT allowec to do this every weekend. Oh, wait. Our LIVES. Drat. Glad y

  4. Oo, LOVE Daughter of the Forest! And you read fast. :) I've got to spend less time blogging next year.

    1. I didn't love it as much as I had hoped too--I thought it could have used a bit of paring down....but I'm looking forward to continuing on in the series!

    2. Marillier can be a bit dense in some of her writing--but beautiful at times too. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

  5. I would love to do this every weekend. My husband and kids would probably not second that.

  6. Way to read! I hear ya on the doing this every weekend. I am already on the hunt for another reading challenge like this one. Love doing them...AND finding myself thinking it would be fun to do some of my retro reading next. I have a whole lot of mg classics (modern and older) that I have not read yet.

  7. Great job! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Ow did you like the Crocuses book? Interesting-sounding title.

  8. 11 books! That's impressive, and congrats on finishing the challenge! Glad to know that you had fun with it, too.

  9. I should do it every weekend too - especially since this weekend I did read much more than usual. But you did wonderfully.

  10. Congratulations and well done! 11 books is nothing to sneeze at! I remember not loving Daughter of the Forest as much as I'd hoped, too... though I read it close to when it first came out, so my memory could be hazy.

  11. I wish we could do it every weekend, too! Silly life and responsibilities getting in the way of our precious reading time! 11 books is awesome - I wish I had finished that many!

  12. Like the others, I think it would be awesome to do this every weekend! I've always wanted to read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I remember enjoying A Hat Full of Sky.
    Glad you had fun and read so much!

  13. You did great! Congratulations!

  14. used to be able to do this when i was younger, i still don't know what changed. maybe because i don't to read more serious stuff not just novels. but am quite excited someone finds it fun to read that long.

    check us out at http://www.unn.edu.ng/

  15. Agreed. Every weekend sounds great to me. That's the only way we'd ever make a dent in our ever growing TBR piles! :) Congratulations on your hours--very impressive. I'm glad to know there's so many other book lovers out there!



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