Fifth grade readers (The School For Good and Evil, Dreamdark, Astronaut Academy)

So yesterday my ten-year-old said, "I want to read The School for Good and Evil."


"Because S. and C. [his two friends-who-are-girls] are reading it."

"Do they like it?"

"Well.  If you call talking about it constantly, reading each other bits of it, and playing it at recess liking it, yes."

I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to return it to the library.

He himself is in the middle of Blackbringer (Dreamdark Book 1), by Laini Taylor, and enjoying it...C. was curious, and when his back was turned at school, she picked it up and started it herself...and now our copy has two bookmarks in it, his and hers. 

His friend  J. (a boy) came home with him after school...and had a nice time reading our Astronaut Academy books.

Happy childhood.

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