Coming this weekend--A More Diverse Universe, with a list of the books I hope to read

If disaster should strike me, it would be immediately clear here on my blog, because only once in almost eight years have I scheduled a post in advance.   And it was more important, upon returning from Austin, to get the newly lead-free, beautifully re-glazed living room windows back in before the Cold came (whimper) than it was to write reviews- hence there was no Timeslip Tuesday post yesterday, and there will be no review today.

But I do have something worthwhile to share, that I wish I had remembered to bring up at Lee Wind's talk on diversity last Saturday--this weekend it's time for the More Diverse Universe blog tour, celebrating speculative fiction books written by people of color!

So, if you want to add a bit of diversity to your blog, join in here at Aarti's blog, BookLust!

Here are the books I'm hoping to read and review:

Feral Nights, by Cynthia Leitich Smith (which I won at KidLitCon from Cynthia herself because of having the closest birthday to hers.  One of the few times I've been glad to have been born right at the beginning of January, which is a pretty stinky time for a. presents b. parties)

Thorn, by Intisar Khanani, a Goose Girl reimagining that I started ages ago, and was enjoying, but then something must have Happened with life, because I put it down...(rolls eyes at self)

Chasing Shadows, by Swati Avasthi (which I picked up at KidLitCon but then when Sarah and I were packing I decided my bag was too heavy so I kind of encouraged Sarah to put it in her bag instead...since I knew I could get it from the library

And then, by strange coincidence, I have two books both called City of Death that count--one by Laurence Yep (City of Death), and one by Sarwat Chadda (The City of Death).  

And I just remembered to add Killer of Enemies, by Joseph Bruchac!

Look how easy it was to come up with more books than I can actually read and review!  Please consider joining in--every collection of links, like the one this weekend will generate, ends up being a great resource for future readers and fun for the compilers!


  1. I'm joining in! I might do Chasing Shadows and Thorn too! (Not the Chadda, since I've already reviewed that one.) And Yep is always a good choice - so good!

  2. Look at you so helpfully posting about this! I was just trying to find information about this to share with a colleague, and couldn't find it. Not that I have anything that would work that I can have read and reviewed in time myself, I think. But maybe next year if it happens again? I'm always hoping to be more coordinated in the future.

    1. I'm glad it was useful! Thanks for letting me know....and I hear you on the aspirations for coordintion part.

  3. Lots of good suggestions! I was intending to try a new-to-me author for this blog event, but then I remembered there was a book by NK Jemisin I haven't read yet. And, like, I AM NOT MADE OF STONE. NK Jemisin is awesome and I can't even believe I have waited this long to read her newest book. :p

    1. I have not read any of her books yet. I am sad (in both senses of the word)

  4. I'm joining the event! I'm thinking about reading Half World by Hiromi Goto.

  5. I really, really enjoyed Thorn, if that is any enticement! Actually, I found out about that book during last year's #Diversiverse event!


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