Bad Norse god and goddess puns

I have been blessed with the ability to make bad puns, and when you have such a gift, it should be shared.  My bad Greek god and goddess puns have proved popular, and so today I offer bad Norse god and goddess puns.   This is quite challenging, much harder than with the Greeks, but I've bravely done my best, although I realize, after having posted this, that I don't actually have any good ones for any of the goddesses.  Sorry. 

Scroll over the blanks to see the answers...

There's the obvious:

Which Norse god had less hair than you?  Baldur.

Which Norse god shows up on a crying baby's face?  Tyr.

And of course one can do unraveling puns with Frey and Freya.

But here are the two that I'm actually rather pleased with:

Why is the Norse god of thunder the best hitchhiker of all?  Because nothing sticks out like a Thor thumb.

Which Norse god is the most relaxed?  Loki (Low Key).

I do not, however, think I will ever get a good, quality, pun for Odin. 


  1. I do not, however, think I will ever get a good, quality, pun for Odin.

    You could probably do one in Russian, where the number 1 is odin (long i sound--ahdeen). But I am not skilled with puns and no longer skilled with Russian either.

    1. well then-- What Norse God always comes first in Russia?

  2. I don't want to spoil the plot of American Gods, but a major plot point on it hinges on a Norse God pun.

    "Thor thumb" is excellent. You are some kind of puns genius.

    1. Thanks. I have been meaning to read Norse Gods ever since I bought it for my husband four years ago.....argh.

    2. Argh... I meant American Gods!

  3. *snort*
    I'll have you know, I read these aloud to Tech Boy. He is still rolling hie eyes.
    Thor thumb = best bad Nordic god pun EVER.

    We are WORKING on Odin...

  4. Ha! Loki is my favorite. I feel about puns the same way you usually feel about intrusive narrators...but these are fun. Have you been reading a lot of Norse mythology lately?

  5. These were a Hel of a good laugh. I'll be Odin you one for a long time

  6. These were a Hel of a good time. I'll be Odin you one now.


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