Bloggiesta Spring 2014

Happily the next few days, d.v., are going to be unfrantic, and so I'm going to take part in this Spring's Bloggiesta.

Here's my to-do-list:

1.  organize my t.b.r. pile, and make sure the review copies are not scattered to the winds of heaven.  I have a nagging feeling that some of them  have crept off into Dark Corners and are being nibbled by dust bunnies, so I shall mount a reconnaissance and rescue mission (side benefit:  house cleaning)

2.  write enough reviews so that I never have to go dark for a single day ever again.  Or at least enough reviews so that I have two or three in waiting.  (side benefit--allows for shelving/returning/deaccessiong books = house cleaning)

3.  do another six or so months worth of indexing.  I have been indexing for a long time, because I have reviewed a lot of books.  (there  is no side benefit to this that I can think of)

4.  enjoy taking part in the mini-challenges and camaraderie (side benefit--will help me tackle house cleaning more cheerfully?)  
         3/27 at 6:41 Have taken part in three.  Have also cheerfully washed some dishes.

and that, I think, is plenty!

Miscellaneous other things:

3/27 7:20  have backed up my blog.  Here's how on Blogger--go to "settings" then "other" then "export."


  1. Nice goals.

    I don't understand what you mean by "going dark." Can you explain.

    Camaraderie to me is the most important part of blogging. I love my book blogger buddies.

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

    1. Oh--I just meant not having signs of life-- new content-- up every single day!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! I'm in awe of all that you're trying to get accomplished. How many reviews do you need to write? Good luck.

  3. Lots of great goals! Glad you got the dishes done! I don't think I have a surface without books, but try to gather them once a week to a common surface lol. :)

  4. That is totally plenty...have fun and happy review writing!

  5. Good list of goals! Personally I love reorganizing my TBR, I always find some gem that makes me wonder why it is still waiting. Oh thanks for the tip on backing up the blog! I was kind of dreading that chore (so much so that I didn't even add it to my list). Happy Bloggiesta! http://easternsunset-reads.blogspot.com

  6. Good luck, Charlotte! I wish I had time to participate - I 'm feeling awfully behind on all things blog-related, myself.


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