48 Reading Challenge tracking post

Here is the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

Here are my books, an assortment of mostly sci fi/fantasy books, all of a diverse nature:

Here's how I did last year:

Total of pages read/listened to:  3086  

Total time read:  23 hours and 32 minutes

And off  I go at 4:40 pm to do even better.............

Day 1

5:50:  have read Dragon Keeper, by Carole Wilkinson (333 pages). Here's my review.
6:08:  have visited other blogs and commented
8:23:  read from 6:18 to 7:50.  Blogged from 7:50 till now.    Ten minute break, then read till 10:05

Totals for day 1:  5 hours and 12 minutes of reading    48 minutes of social media

Day Two

After 25 minutes of reading, finished my second book--The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot.   Am feeling rather stunned by it.  (328 pages).  Also got in 5 minutes of social media time and 25 minutes blog post writing time.

7:08 pm   Not a good day for reading-I fell aleep, and woke to find my help was need on Project Fix Leaking Roof.

But I have finished a third book--Across the Nightingale Floor, by Lian Hearn.  I'm not going to bother reviewing it, cause of not liking it much.   I think if girls are described as strong when we first meet them, they shouldn't be progressivly described (with no sickness or anything) as more and more delicate.   I think if we are told in no uncertain terms that the main character boy won't make a good assassin because he was raised to abhor killing, some time should be taken to explain how he gets to be the sort of person who casually thinks "Oh I want to kill that person."  I think a few lessons isn't enough to make a novice a compitent sword fighter.  That sort of thing.

Plus the insta love was REALLY over the top.

Kirkus described it as "a rousingly muscular adventure," and I am not sure if we read the same book.  Nor am I sure what a "muscular" adventure is.

stats update:  1 hour of audiobook listening (Throne of the Crescent Moon).   2 and half more hours of reading.  10 more minutes of social media.  1 nap.  1 hour scraping paint off really long piece decorative molding taken from area of suspected roof leak.

day two totals:  5:55 hours of reading.  1 hour of social media

Day three: 7 hours and 35 min of reading, 10 min social media


  1. Damn, gf! You go! Such a teetering tower!

    Looking forward to reading your reviews!
    Here's my Starting Line. So far, I've posted one subsequent review. Still reading!:

  2. Can cats BE posed in pictures? The dog will do anything for half a peanut. My oldest is actually house sitting for three cats for almost two weeks, because they have abandonment issues and throw up on all the beds. The dog is sad! Hope it's going okay.

  3. Oooo. Can't wait to hear about Every. Single. One of these books. ;)

  4. You're off to a great start! Immortal Life...has been on my TBR pile
    for ages. I keep hearing "stunned" and "blown away" in regards to it.

  5. That is a good pile of books and you seem to be off to a good start. Your review has given me renewed impetus. I'll be off to the library after this weekend.
    Good luck with the rest of your books and happy reading.

  6. Quite a pile of books! I will be lucky if I could finish even four of the measly five in my pile. But I'm a slow reader. Have fun this weekend!


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