Operation Robot Storm, by Alex Milway-- special ops Yetis vs sci fi madman for younger readers

Operation Robot Storm (first in the Mythical 9th Division series), by Alex Milway (Kane Miller) is a great pick for the young reader (6-9 year old) who needs something considerably more challenging than an easy reader, but who isn't ready (either reading-wise, or emotionally) for full on Middle Grade books. 

And, you know, there are those of us who are so unembarressed by the books we read that even though we are technically grown-ups we can still get pleasure from the adventures of a group of three Yetis serving in the United Kingdom's armed forces as the Mythical Ninth Division.   Because it's fun to read about special ops Yetis vs robots and their evil overlord.

The Yetis are perfect for this particular job, because the evil mastermind in question has a machine that brings down Winter in all its glacial glory/deadliness anywhere he wants it to appear.  He's chosen northern Wales to make his first demonstration...and unless his demands for money are met, the rest of the world will be plunged into a new Ice Age.    He and his robots are almost a match for the three brave Yetis sent by the anxious British government from their Himalayan home to Wales...and it is a nail-biting struggle of Yeti perseverance, strength, and wisdom against sci-fi havoc.

Numerous graphic panels advance the story while providing a break from the text, adding to the friendliness of the book for young target audience.   

The adventures of the Mythical 9th continue in three more books available in the US, which is nice, because it is so awfully comforting for us parents to have books 2,3, and 4 to offer when book 1 meets with the child's approval!  (you can find more info about the series here).  That's book 2, Terror of the Deep, shown at right!

Short answer:   This is the sort of book that succeeds very well indeed in doing exactly what it set out to do--the special ops Yetis make for very fun reading.

disclaimer:  review copy received from the publisher

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  1. Special ops yetis are definitely a big hook.


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