Forthcoming books eligible for the Elementary/Middle Grade category of the Cybils

I'm currently working on this week's round-up of middle grade sci fi/fantasy from around the blogs, and got to the point where I'm talking about nominations for the Cybils being currently open, and how I am always anxious on behalf of the books that are published in the last few days before nominations close (what if they are excellent but no one has had a chance to fall in love with them yet???? This has happened in the past, and it was painful to read a book I could have worked to shortlist if only it had it been nominated).  And so I wanted, in my round-up post, to link to a list of these very new/forthcoming books, and so I have now created one, with help from Kirkus (and doubtless there were worthy books not reviewed by Kirkus, so this is not a be all and end all list):

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