Thinking about Blogging Voice, in preperation for Kidlitcon

It occurred to me today that really I had better do something about this talk that I am giving on Friday morning at Kidlitcon-- Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Passion- Blogging With Conviction.

And so I have no Timeslip Tuesday book to offer. 

But I welcome enthusiastically any thoughts you might have on what makes a good Blogging Voice!  Or examples of bloggers who you think have particular fine Voice(s)!


  1. The ladies at http://www.themidnightgarden.net/, especially Mrs. Wendy have a particularly nice voice. I love reading her reviews. When she has a book that she particularly enjoys, you really get the feel for her passion for the book.

    1. thanks--that's a new one for me and I will go check it out!

  2. I think, like any writing, it's a matter of 1) practice 2) finding what you like talking about and 3) realizing that not everyone will like the style you write. For instance, I really dislike reviews where every other paragraph is punctuated with a gif. Even if those blogs are written by people I enjoy in other settings, I don't tend to read them in the same way I do other blogs. I'm glad they're out there! They're just not my style. (Thoughtful, critical reviews that aren't negative for the sake of being negative are.)

  3. I think the title of your talk is perfect. If you blog about things you love, your voice will be full of your genuine passion for whatever it is. If you blog with some agenda, write things you think people will like or write what you think you're supposed to write, you'll come across as artificial.

    Also, I find blogs more appealing when the blogger is active in some way and reports on their activity. Easy enough to do if its a food blog or a quilting blog, but it's possible even if a blog is about books. When a blogger talks about going to a book fair or meeting an author, or reading a book to their kid, or even just the experience of going to the library and finding a new book, it turns the blogger into a protagonist of sorts, a real person who does real things in the world. Then I feel more of a connection to them: hey, I do that too! It also gives your voice more credibility: you're out there experimenting, you have experience, you know whereof you speak.

    Wish I could go to Kidlitcon: sounds fun!

  4. I don't have anything particularly brilliant to contribute (and by this time you probably have enough material prepared), but I can't wait to hear a little bit about your talk after you've given it! Good luck good luck!

  5. Oh Geez! Good luck with that…I have no clue!


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