26 hours gone of the 48 Hour Reading Challenge

Checking in on the 48 Hour Reading Challenge, with a little less than halfway to go--I have now hit 10 hours of reading, and a about 30 minutes of online challenge related time.  I have read

Palace of Lies, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Sugar, by Jewell Parker Rhodes
Dragons at Crumbling Castle, by Terry Pratchett
Apple and Rain, by Sarah Crossan
The Girl in the Torch, by Robert Sharenow
The Unmapped Sea, by Maryrose Wood

and have started two more....

This year I cunningly bought myself a boom box (does anyone call them that anymore?) so that I could listen to the audio version of Crumbling Castle while sorting books for the next library booksale, a matter of some urgency given the surprisingly large number of recent donations (one person who donated some 400 books wants four of them back, and counts on me to find them.  I am loosing hope).  I also listened while weeding, which was pleasant.

I think I can get at least ten more hours in before six tomorrow evening.   The book I'm reading now, The Well-Tuned Brain, is going on and on about over-consumption and too much choice and not self restraint...which pretty much describes my book situation.  Will I ever be book hungry again?  I kind of miss those days...but not enough to change my ways.


  1. I also read Apple and Rain for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge :)

  2. Boom box means no headphones? Or just that you cranked up the bass and did some fancy dance moves while sorting? :-)

    1. I don't think one used headphones back in those days unless you had to. One had Walkmens (Walkmans??) and cassette tapes for headphone listening....

  3. You are amazing! Keep it up!

  4. I am also not inclined to give up my over-consumption of books! .... and I've been enjoying reading your Book Challenge posts, though I wasn't able to do it this year. :(


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