My reading challenge begins!

I am all ready for Reading for Mother Reader's 48 Hour Reading Challenge!  Here is my pile of books (displayed, as always, on the wood stove; so handy), including all my library books currently out (at right) and a smattering of review copies and tbr books elsewhere:

Here are my goals:  I'd like to hit 30 hours of reading, hope to hit 25, and wouldn't cry it was 20. Admittedly I am a bit distracted by having reached level 1000 on Candy Crush, which is rather an exciting one....but I will do my best.  And so, at 6:13 pm, I begin.

I am not very impressed by my past statistics, which I have compiled for my own amusement.  My bar is set low.

Reading: 18 hours and 15 minutes of reading
Social media: 1 hour and 58 minutes of social media
Total pages:  2091

Reading: 23 hours and 32 minute
Social media: three ish hours
Total pages: 3086

Reading: 18 hours
Social Media:  three ish hours
Total pages:  not counted;    8 and a half books

Reading: 15 hours and ten minutes
Social media: 2 hours and 40 minutes
Total pages: 2963

Reading: 22 hours
Social media: three 
Total pages; 3118

2009  (the year I tried to read Twilight at 3:00 am...and just couldn't even.)
Reading: 35 hours
Total pages: 3706


  1. You may not be impressed by your past reading, but I am! :-) Your stack looks great. I'm curious about Shadowshaper. Happy reading and good luck!

  2. My first couple years I tried really hard not to sleep, but I can't do that anymore. My stats so far are lame, but I am trying to enjoy this and not turn it into a thing. I just came out of a really bad reading slump and don't want to send myself into another one. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Oooooooh, if you don't like Circus Mirandus, I don't think I want to know.

    Enjoy reading!!

  4. (the year I tried to read Twilight at 3:00 am...and just couldn't even.)


  5. I couldn't read the titles of the books in your pile,too bad, but I bet you're having a good time. And, yes, your stats have indeed been impressive. Anyone whohas ever read 35 hours in one weekend gets my respect!

  6. I see The Well-Tuned Brain at the bottom of one pile. It looks intriguing.

    My "well-tuned brain" is currently reading about rust.

    Good luck with your goals!


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