Cybils nominations are now open!

It's time to nominate books for this year's Cybils Awards!  Anyone can nominate in a variety of categories; books have to be published for young readers between Oct 16 2014 and Oct 15 2015 in the US or Canada. 

To nominate, start here.  You will instructed to set up a Cybils account, that will let you see a page with all your nominations and the categories you haven't nominated in yet.  At the bottom of the post are links to the pages of nominations already received.

You have until Oct 15 to nominate.  Please keep the nominations coming in Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction (the category I'm the organizer for).  I'll be checking it ferociously for the next two weeks, and I get a little ping of happiness for evey book nominated!  Thanks.

Here's what's been nominated in EMG Spec Fic thus far.

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