what I was doing instead of reading and blogging

This past week and a bit I had no time whatsoever to do much reading, and blogging was pretty much impossible.  

It started with Book Expo last Wednesday into Friday, which was its usual wild ride gathering some really excellent books and promoting Kidlitcon 2019 to all and sundry.  Here's my book haul:

And from New York I went down to my college reunion at Bryn Mawr, PA, and the campus was gorgeous as always, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by dear smart funny women.  My sophomore room was in the right hand tower of this dorm (the window with the balcony).

And then it was back home to feverishly prepare for my mother's arrival for the high school graduation of my oldest.  I installed a new toilet (sadly we didn't get around to installing new walls, but at least there was a downstairs toilet for her, and a new skill set for me!) and desperately tried to landscape the yard (failed) and clean the house thoroughly (never well enough).

And then today was high school graduation!  

There are some books I'm going to get reviews of written in the next day or so, but then we go off on a post-graduation trip to Wales (which I wanted to do because this is perhaps the last time both boys will be handy and willing to go on a family trip, and Patrick's sister lives just over the border in England so it will be nice to see that part of the family again.  Plus castles.)

So blogging will continue to be thin on the ground for the next few weeks...but then I will have Nothing to Do except all the things, and will be able to blog much more regularly again!


  1. Wow, Charlotte, that's quite a haul. And you've been busy in other ways! Have a wonderful trip, it's on my bucket list to finally go to Wales.

  2. Congratulations to the graduate! Sounds like a wonderful time you've gone through and a wonderful trip ahead! I still think we ought to get together. I'm looking forward to kidlitcon!

  3. Busy, busy. But all good stuff. Congrats to the graduate. Great haul of books. Enjoy your trip. I love the British Isles.

  4. Wait, that's B?? I guess it only made sense that his height & hair has changed up since he was little-little, but I am a little gobsmacked. Congratulations to him - and to you, and what a lovely campus upon which to matriculate, you lucky girl!

  5. Have a wonderful time in Wales! The castles are awesome!

  6. Croeso i Cymru! Have a good time! XD


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