In which I review cashmere fingerless writing gloves

When Literary Book Gifts offered me the opportunity to review their cashmere fingerless writing gloves, I jumped at the chance.  My desk at work holds the cold, and the inside of my wrists were suffering from having to rest on it (I'm a slump-handed typist....), and home was not much better.  The thought of warm hands encased in fuzzy cashmere that still allowed me to do things with my fingers was just as appealing as all get out!

Here is what they look like new:

(My review gloves were white, and perhaps I should have taken pictures of me doing all the things before I actually used them for three weeks...)

The gloves are soft and warm as expected.  Writing by hand is easy and comfortable, even when your grip is non-standard, as mine is:

Typing on a keyboard is slightly less comfortable; my fingers felt a bit constricted; the finger band stretches, but its default is snug.  But it sure was nicer for my wrists!

Somewhat unexpectedly, playing the piano while wearing them didn't feel constricting at all, perhaps because my fingers were actively stretching the finger band:

But what they are absolutely best for is reading!  So nice to have warm hands and to be able to turn pages at the same time!

The thumb hole is well-made; there's absolutely no sign of the seam giving way. They are slightly shorter going down the arm than I would have liked, but they still cover the vulnerable inner wrist satisfactorily.

So in short, if you aren't deterred by the price, these are a lovely addition to your reading and writing winter wardrobe, and would make great gifts!  It is almost time to put them away now that warm weather is here (?), and I am going to do so carefully so that I remember to get them out next fall.


  1. CASHMERE. Whoa. I have cotton blend fingerless gloves and started knitting - ahahahaha! - a pair that remains unfinished. Those are purty, but white and I would NEVER get along!

    1. Yeah, it feels so decadent and luxurious to think to myself--"I'll just slip on my cashmere writing gloves...."

  2. Holy moley! For that price, you could get a cashmere sweater at the thrift store and make several pair. Glad they are useful, though!

  3. Maybe I made a mistake turning down a pair for review after all. They sure look cozy but I have some alpaca wrist warmers I knitted years ago that work well. Isn't it lovely to have warm hands and wrists when it's cold, though?

  4. This is good to know about. Thanks for the post.


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