A quick open letter to authors re the Cybils awards

I am writing this surrounded by stacks of library books check out in late September and early October, all elementary/middle grade fantasy and science fiction, that I wanted to quickly read to help me make my choice of what to nominate for the Cybils Awards. (This is the category for which I'm the category organizer, btw).  Sadly I could only nominate one book, and many of the books I checked out are now looking at me sadly...  

We have lots of great books nominated, but still lots of great books didn't get a nod.  Folks were stuck at home, not able to browse libraries and bookstores, and I think this had an impact on what we got in our public nomination period.

All is not lost, though! We at the Cybils are currently welcoming nominations from publishers and authors to fill in some of the gaps.

Are you an author of a children's/YA book that came out in the US/Canada between October 16, 2019 and October 15, 2020 that didn't get nominated during the public part of Cybils Awards nominations? If by the end of the day tomorrow your publisher hasn't nominated it, you can nominate it yourself (and independently published books are welcome too!)  Your book will be judged just the same way as a public nomination, and it will get a bit of publicity from being on Cybils website's list of nominated books, and will quite possibly get reviewed by panelists.  And it might be one us first round readers fall in love with, and send on to the next round!

More information here at the Cybils website!

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